.Addictive Free

                                                                                     .Rich in Natural Moisturizing ingredient “ GLYCERIN”

                                                                                     .No Artificial preservatives or fragrance

                                                                                     .Cleans dirt and germ and leaves the skin feeling smooth and protects against dryness


                                                                                     Studies had shown the following improvements from using Horse Oil :

                                                   1) Helps to treat burns by apply on the burned area

                                                             2) Useful for bedsores by applying on the sores

                                                             3) Helps to reduce rashness of skin

                                                             4) Reduces muscle and nerve pain

                                                             5) Helps reduce constipation by applying on the anus

                                                             6) Helps relieve Hemorrhoids by applying directly on the anus

                                                             7) Prevent wrinkles on face and neck

                                                             8) Helps to restore hair health


Horse Oil Soap from Kumamoto

100% Natural, Rich in Glycerin

Contains large volume of unsaturated fatty acids which is similar to our human fats. It fixes the texture of your skin, making it smooth and moisture.

Pure Horse Oil Cream



Flower Soap with Horse Oil



Pure Horse Oil Essence


$45.00 / btl

Horse Oil Placenta


$67.00 / btl



Horse Oil Body Care

Horse Oil moisturises because it contains unsaturated fatty acid which maintains moisture in the skin’s protective layer. It’s similarity to human serum means that is is easily absorbed and blends well with our skin.