You can enjoy the fresh products just like you are staying in Japan as our  orders are processed the day before the air freight and  freshly deliver to you directly from airport to your home.

Order and Delivery Schedule

For fresh fruits, delivery will be about 1 week after receipt of order.

Payment : By paypal or Bank Transfer upon order

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Fresh Fruits

Crown Melon

Characteristic :

1)Grown using cultivation techniques developed    through a long tradition.

2)Chill in the refrigerator for 2–3 hours before    eating.

3)The key point for determining ripeness is to gently    press the underside (the bottom part) of the fruit    with your finger. The best time to eat is when it feels    just slightly soft.

Production site: Crown Melon Branch Area,                        Shizuoka Greenhouse Farm

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Box of 6pcs $632.00

Hoshi no Kinka (Apple)


Characteristic :

1)Features a yellow color like a gold coin and a    comparatively thin skin that you won't notice really    when biting in

2)With a sugar content over 14%, this is delicious!

Production site: Aomori Prefecture, Japan                         Sakuraba Apple Farm

For more information on Hoshi no Kinka (Apple)


Approx 3kgs $95.00

(Estimated 9-10pcs)

Taishu Persimmon


Characteristic :

1)With its pleasantly crisp texture and very sweet    taste

2)When ripe, a cracked-like pattern called "Jyoumon"    appears on the surface which is said to be proof of    the deliciousness of taishu persimmon.

Production site: Japan Kumamoto Prefecture

For more information on Taishu Persimmon


Approx 2kgs $98.00

(Estimated 5-7pcs)

Shinko Pear


Characteristic :

1)This late-blooming red pear that is shipped from the    beginning of October to the beginning of November    has sweetness & sourness in good harmony

2)Has great storability and is large in size for a    Japanese pear cultivar.

Production site: Tottori Prefecture, Japan

                      Hirooka Farm

For more information on Shinko Pear


Box x (12-13pcs) $165.00


Alps Otome (Apple)


Characteristic :

1)This apple is often used for candy apples at summer    festivals.

Production site: Aomori Prefecture, Japan                         Sakuraba Apple Farm

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Approx 450g - 750g $70.00

(Estimated 30pcs)