What is Kale ?

Kale is also considered as a wild cabbage and belongs to the same family of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. It’s tough enough to be grown throughout the year and also disease resistant. However Enseki Aojiru only grew kale in the winter months when pests activities are low and hence do not need to use chemical pesticides.

Kale is also called the “ King of Vegetables “ with it’s high nutritional values and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Enseki Aojiru Kale is a healthy food produced using a patented Far-Infrared Ray process. It is not a medicine.

What is Far-Infrared Ray ?

Far-Infrared ray from the sun or red hot charcoal makes food taste better. The kale used to produce Enseki Aojiru is dried at ambient temperature using a patented Far-Infrared Ray process. This process will not damage the nutrients, colour and flavor of the kale, it also increased it GABA and other amino acids components. This had been confirmed through collaborative medical studies with Ehime University, Japan. [Back To Top]

What is the difference between Enseki Aojiru and other Aojiru products ?

Enseki Aojiru is totally organic in the sense that the fertilizer used for the soil which grow the kale is also organic compounds. No pesticides is allow in the process of growing the kale too. Therefore the entire leaf of kale is used in making Enseki Aojiru, totally locked in all the nutrients and goodness of kale. The use of Far-Infrared Ray process kept the nutrients fresh and the taste palatable. Enseki Aojiru is 100% organic kale with nothing added and therefore it can be used by babies, all age group and the seniors. [Back To Top]

Is it Certified Organic ?

Yes. Enseki Aojiru products are certified by Organic JAS, which is controlled by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department of Japan. [Back To Top]

Why is it grown in winter only ?

The kale is grown in winter only because we do not want to expose our Kale to any agro-chemicals which may come from nearby farms. During the cold dry winter months, there are also less insects or pests activities. Kale grown during winter is most succulent and taste much better.

Are there any artificial coloring, flavoring or preservative added ?

Nothing is added into Enseki Aojiru. Not even the use of solidifying or granulating agents in the tablets form. The tablets are formed with only 100% organic Kale fine powder.[Back To Top]

What is Effect Efficacy ?

Back in the Greek and Roman times, kale is considered as a kind of medicine and as tonic in China. It had been believed that kale is good for those who were lack of vegetables and suffers from constipation, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, atopic dermatitis, cramps, allergies, poor circulation and stiff shoulders.

Recent studies had also shown kale to have the potential of preventing and fighting many kinds of human cancers.

What is the Active Ingredients in Enseki Aojiru ?

What are the benefits of Kale ?

Improves the health of those who needs organic vegetables for their diet [Back To Top]

Can Enseki Aojiru be taken during pregnancy ?

Enseki Aojiru is literally a vegetable in another form. Unlike drugs which may cause side effects. On the other hand, Enseki Aojiru is rich in folic acid which studies found that during pregnancy, a deficiency of folic acid may affect proper nerves system and brain development of the baby. Adequate folic acid may also help a smooth delivery of the baby with lesser complication.

A Japanese health reported that the daily requirement of folic acid for all child-bearing age women should at least 0.4mg.

My face had lots of age-spots, freckles and wrinkles. Can Enseki Aojiru helps those skin problems ?

Most of the problems that appear on the face are caused by blood not being able to pass through the fine capillaries to the cell on the surface of the skin. To solve this problem is to regularly take Enseki Aojiru because the fibre and nutrient-rich kale will clear the bowel and improve blood circulation. Constipation and inefficient blood circulation is the biggest ‘enemy’ of the skin.

Adequate and quality sleep is extremely important for both your health and your look. Kale does contain the hormone melatonin which improves the quality of your sleep. Melatonin is also widely known as a rejuvenating and longevity ‘miracle’ hormone.

Can my baby drink Enseki Aojiru and at what amount ?

Yes, starting from the third month of birth, your baby can drink Enseki Aojiru. It is perfectly safe because Enseki Aojiru is totally organic meaning no chemical or artificial fertilizers are used in growing the kale. It is a high quality 100% natural product. Suggest using 150ml of plain water with 1 sachet (2g) of Enseki Aojiru Powder. Mixing the powder with apple juice or baby food is also a great idea.

Babies should be given vegetable juice so they won’t grow up disliking vegetables. Ingesting vegetables from early age may also helps reduce many allergic conditions later in life. [Back To Top]

Why after drinking Enseki Aojiru, there is increased amount of dark colored stool ?

This is the cleansing effect of kale in the gut. The debris that stuck to our intestinal wall were being removed. Absorption of nutrients greatly enhanced and that gave the body a second chance of becoming healthy again.

How to Store Enseki Aojiru ?

Enseki Aojiru does not contain any preservatives. It is 100% pure organic kale and nothing else inside, be it powder in sachets or tablets in the bottle. Store it in a cool place, avoid high heat, moisture and sunlight. Consume within a year after opening. When sealed sachets is opened, consume as soon as possible. Do not frozen the product as this will damage the fibre component of the kale. [Back To Top]

How to Drink Enseki Aojiru ?

For general health maintenance or health challenges

Tablets - 15 to 60 tablets a day. Separated into 2 to 3 times a day for better results.

Powder - Mix one sachet (2g) with water, Juices, or add into your favourite drinks or soup. Up to 2 sachets 3 times a day.

It can be taken before or after meal as it is a vegetable.

For helping to lose some weight take Enseki Aojiru (2g powder or 10 tablets) 15 minutes before meals.

To prevent ill-feeling during long distance moving vehicle rides, take Enseki Aojiru (2g or 10 tablets) 1 - 2 hours before the ride.

To have a good rest (sleep) take Enseki Aojiru (2g or 10 tablets) before going to bed.

Who is unsuitable to take Kale ?

Those who are taking the drug, Warfarin , are advised NOT to take Kale. This is because of it’s high content of Vitamin K which may counter the effect of the drug. However, if you want to, talk to you doctor about adjusting the dosage (warfarin) if possible.

For those who are suffering from other diseases and are not sure, please consult your doctor before taking kale.

What is Healing Crisis ? (The path to recovery)

Healing crisis is a reaction of the body not to be mistaken as side effect, adverse reaction or allergic response. The is the momentary reaction or the turning point so to speak, as the body readjust towards the path of recovery. The body is resisting the change to a healthier you. It is a good thing. Symptoms could present itself as rashes, diarrhea, flatulence (stomach gas) frequency. After the short episode, the recovery of the body will be accelerated. If the condition persists or becomes unbearable, you could lower the frequency of usage or dosage. If unsure of the symptoms, please consult a doctor. [Back To Top]

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